What We Need To Know About Queue Management Systems

Restaurants, banks, supermarkets, grocery stores, theatres, cinemas – these are just some of the places where we usually experience a queue. We are truly lucky if there are a few people in the area because most of us really really really hate waiting especially if we are rushing. However we can’t really avoid it because these are public areas, but one thing that we could do about it is to have a proper queue management.  Queue management systems help speed up transactions by passing the main bulk of process back to customer, this not only ensure the security of the transaction but it also improves the customer experience and frees up more time for the business to focus on other operations. While such commercial queue solution that is available is by ATT systems, more information can be found on their product page here.

In an article by S-tech, we would be able to read about six benefits of intelligent queue management systems.

6 Benefits of Intelligent Queue Management systems

Perception is that Queue Management Systems only allow customers to take a ticket and wait for their turn instead of standing in line. If you thought so too then read on.

The first queue management system

When the founders of Qmatic sought to remove long lines in a restaurant, they invented a ticket number system. This system would simply print tickets with queue numbers. The numbers would be called at the counter and served. This is where the first Electronic Queue Management System was born in Sweden in the early 80’s.

Not a “take a ticket system” anymore

Queue Management Systems have evolved since the 80’s. They are being used not only to comfort customers but they help the organisation improve their service in many ways. Here are 6 benefits of an intelligent queue management system. Read more here.

One of the benefits given above is staff satisfaction. Queue management systems also makes staff’s job easier. They also wouldn’t have to worry about customers arguing about getting their turn first. With this, the staffs’ performance would be better and they would be more productive.

Oemkiosks will now give us four tips to improve the service quality through queue management systems.

4 Tips To Improve Service Quality Through Queue Management

What causes more frustration, waiting time or being in a long queue? In this article, we highlight 4 tips to improve the quality of your service, through the management of queues.

We believe that customer service is a crucial point for customer loyalty. There are those who argue that the most important thing is to reduce waiting time, but some people consider that the most important thing is not to create long waiting lists.

Waiting to have an answer or solving a problem, is a lot of effort. The consumer needs quick and effective responses.

When a customer comes across a long queue, he automatically starts calculating how long it will take before they can be served. This analysis of time can be fatal to sales and will have a huge impact on the overall analysis in service operation.

However, this sense of waiting can be “manipulated” and this experience can become more enjoyable. But how? Read more here.

Keeping the customer busy and entertained while waiting for their turn is one effective way of keeping your customers from getting bored and angry while waiting. Simply installing a television for your customers is enough to pass time.

Lydia Lam

Artbox Singapore moves 2 rows of shops, adds food queue system for crowd control

SINGAPORE – Artbox Singapore, which was criticised for severe overcrowding at its pop-up event last weekend, has moved two rows of shops to add room and set up gates for better crowd control.

The creative market’s official website partner ShopJJ told The Straits Times on Friday (April 21): “Gates have also been set up, likely for better crowd control.”

The hipster market, held at the Bayfront Event Space at Bayfront Avenue, will be open again this weekend from tonight (April 21) to April 23, from 3pm to 11pm.

Artbox Singapore, the local edition of Bangkok’s popular market, opened last Friday (April 14) for its first overseas installment. Read more here.

Artbox Singapore is one of the places which always get overcrowded and it is good that the management had actually done something about it. They have moved to rows of shop to give more room for the people to roam around. Also, their crowd control measures include a wireless paging system, which will inform visitors when their food is ready. These are just some of the ways we could manage queues. Establishments should think about these because their customers are really important and having a well-managed queue is a big impact for customers.