Importance of Bank Queue Management

The goal of bank queue system management goes much beyond of simply reducing the waiting time. There are several other benefits of a good queue management system spanning from service agents to customers and from bottom lines to managers.

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Here are some of the proven importance of a queue management technology.

1. Service efficiency gets improved

Several studies have shown that an effective queue management system can lead to a significant improvement in an organization’s service efficiency. Now this is attainable with a technology that allows the cashiers and the service agents to cater to a customer more easily and promptly. Higher service efficiency is also achieved by a smart queue management system that makes sure that a customer accesses the right service station on the basis of their preferred service. For example, a customer could be interested in new purchases, returns, opening a new account, availing a service or for conducting his regular transactions.

2. Impulse purchases can increase

A key benefit to a company’s bottom line is possible with the aid of a smart queue management system is to improve impulse sales. There can be as much as about 400 percent jump in the volume of impulse purchases while customers check out when i-line merchandising is combined with digital signage inside a store. It is possible to alter the digital messaging quickly and accommodating specific kinds of crowds is simply a child’s play.

3. Perceived waiting time in the queue can be lowered

As far as a queue management system is concerned, the perception of customers on how long they had to wait in the queue plays an important role. In fact, it is as critical as their actual waiting time in the queue. The perceived waiting time for the customer get reduced by up to 40 percent when queue management system such as digital signage is used in a store so that they can get distracted and or be engaged through attractive promotional and commercial messages. Just as a manager is benefited from data like service times and information about counts of customers, a customer also requires being well-equipped with certain information. Customers can be made happy with a text message that displays their expected waiting time in a queue, a printed ticket or digital signage.

4. Actual waiting time can come down

Many studies have proved that the average wait time of consumers have come down by about ten to thirty percent, courtesy queue management technology. It is possible for the managers to do a good job when they monitor queues and reallocate resources on the basis of immediate notifications of changes in the performance of a queue. Thus, a manager is capable of preventing a service disruption because of real-time management steps and predictive metrics. So, it is possible for a queue to operate in a more efficient manner, thus reducing the mean wait time.