How the military uses commercial technology?

Commercial Technology and the Military forces:

Technology has made its inroads into all sectors of life – from the personal to the professional. It has also been variedly used by the military sector of every country from a small to a large scale to enhance their systems. However, the clash between antiquated military research and fast growing commercial technology is most prominent in the advanced communication sector. But still the commercial off-the-shelf-technology when applied to military designs showcase serious drawbacks. The way military uses the growing commercial technology for their communication is a balancing act: it surely entails for lower development costs for the department of defence for any country. But also one must keep in mind that it is the same technology that is also being used by the terrorist forces. Thus, on one hand there is a sharp decrease in prices to develop these, there is also an increased chance of vulnerability.

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In spite of the increased alliance between military forces and commercial technology there are still increased differences between the two. In the communication sector, providing a robust communication system using cutting edge technology that can sustain in extreme climate change and can be exposed to radiations, survive in extreme conditions of rain and dust and still maintain the clauses of cyber security and data protection is indeed very difficult. To know more about these challenges you can always apply now to various websites that discuss such issues.

How the military uses commercial technology?

Military forces over the years have greatly harvested the commercial technological sector to reap great benefits. This has mainly been in the communications sector:

On field security: the military forces use advanced personal communication devices on field. This has increased the level of security that these devices need, leading to major technological innovations for personal communication devices. The system engineers study the on-field networks and develop the devices according. They do a bio monitoring themselves.

Digital transformation: the defence forces increased dependence on commercial technology being used for communication has led to some serious digital transformations. This has indeed led to the use of hundreds of sensors in a more effective way – the newsfeed from all these sensors are not needed. Hence they are designed in a manner that only a change or an anomaly is reported to the central system.

These are some of the ways in which military is using commercial technology.

In the military, internal security is also enhanced by having a iris recognition system in place for inhouse use .